Revolving credit – the ideal solution.

Revolving credit – the ideal solution.

Requesting a revolving credit is the ideal solution if you need extra money but do not know exactly how much. For example for the study of your child or a renovation at home.

With a revolving credit, you can include what you need. You can pay extra for what you no longer need and then record it again later. This is possible during the term of the loan and up to the agreed credit limit.

The credit limit is the maximum amount that you can borrow. Whether you record it all at once or in several parts, how often you record or pay off extra, you decide for yourself.

Take out ongoing credit, what does it cost?

Take out ongoing credit, what does it cost?

You pay monthly repayment and interest. Our credit advisors are happy to show you the different premiums and interest rates with different lenders.

Your lender determines, in consultation with you, the amount that must be repaid per month. This is usually a percentage of the credit limit (at least 1%, often 2%) or of the outstanding balance of the credit.

If you want to pay extra in the meantime, you can do so without having to pay a fine. This also shortens the term of the loan. However, if you withdraw extra money, the term is extended again.

The costs for a revolving credit depend on the amount that you have withdrawn. You only pay interest on the credit that you use. When you take out a revolving credit, you agree to a variable interest rate.

The interest rate depends on the market interest rate, which means that it may vary during the term of the loan and may be higher or lower than when you applied for the revolving loan. If interest rates rise, you pay less each month, which extends the term of the loan.

Request revolving credit or FINAN credit?

Request revolving credit or WOZ credit?

When you own a house, the application for a revolving credit is often possible in the form of a FINAN credit. You then benefit from even more benefits than a normal revolving credit, such as an even lower interest rate.

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